i like tattoos piercings and girls with both, my name is luis and i have a dog named Egon, if you wish to know more feel free to inquire


Just laying in bed in the natural state…. This is the best! THE BEST


if we’re mutual followers i got ur back call me in for selfie likes i’m here 4 u need moral support i will like ur post the internet is a tough place we in this togetha 

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guess who has a girlfriend…. =]


I hope luis sees this.

i DID!!!!!! AND I WANTS HIM!  


I hope luis sees this.

i DID!!!!!! AND I WANTS HIM!  


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It’s a penguin. With a penguin backpack.

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thank you… 

you know why =]

This is what happens when I see flowers in the greenroom.. Don’t judge me #runningoutofmancards
At the end of the day, @cbglades we are here For The Kingdom and that 1 more person! #ftk (at Church by the Glades)

my prayer … my fear

i dont want to mess this up… 


need to work out cause i just wanna b hot

When I sit in school I just think and thank God on how awesome an opportunity he gives me to allow me to honor him @cbglades and just how much It’s been a place I can call my home.
Great morning filled with espresso and ukulele jams and Cbglades rehearsal #mypreservice @cbglades #breakfree
Great afternoon workout and chipotle with ma man @zachgoins  week killed it! #nikeid #nikeplus
My morning face also looks like my crazy face…. Maybe mornings Aren’t so much my thing #bringontheday
Me and @zachgoins doin work! #getit #nikeid #nikeplus